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December 18, 2015
Exploited Workers' Task Force

Workers who are exploited and abused on the job face much more than wage theft. Disrespect, health and safety hazards, and generally poor working conditions often go hand-in-hand with it. 

Ending these unjust practices must recognize and account for the tangled webs involved. Proposals for changes also need to use a gender lens, with an understanding of the low wage workforce, particularly precarious/contingent/temporary/agency work and racialized workers (workers of color).
That’s why we made a detailed submission to the governor’s 2015 task force and advisory committee about (super) exploited workers. You can find the full version here and a summary here. Our letter about the wide variety of organizations and individuals supporting the recommendations is here. 
Making the recommendations a reality will take on-going activities. To join those efforts, or add your name or group to the list of supporters (see the updated version here), please contact Dorothy Wigmore at wigmored@upstate.edu.


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