For Health Care Providers

The OHCC can assist health care providers in the community with your patients with possible work related illnesses. Our Board Certified Occupational Medicine physician and experienced nursing, industrial hygiene, and social work staff can provide support in several ways.

Patient Referrals

If you have patients with suspected work related illnesses such as:

  • Asbestosis or silicosis
  • Occupational asthma or other dust disease
  • Irritant bronchitis
  • Musculoskeletal disorders from chronic repetitive work (tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, lateral epicondylitis, shoulder impingement)
  • Dermatologic disorders such as contact dermatitis
  • Indoor air quality related problems such as rhinosinusitis.
  • Noise induced hearing loss
  • Lead/heavy metal poisoning
  • Headaches and cognitive dysfunction from solvent exposure

Patients can be referred to OHCC for comprehensive medical evaluation and opinion regarding causation, disability level, and appropriate work restrictions. OHCC will advocate for patients with occupational disease in the Workers' Compensation until the case is resolved.

OHCC's Industrial Hygienist can assist workers in making positive changes at the workplace, allowing the patient to stay at work or return to work, safely. IH evaluations may include assessment of exposure, recommendations to control hazards, and training of workers and managers to prevent further risks.

OHCC's Social Worker is available to attend to the patient's psychosocial needs. SW services typically include counseling and information about and advocacy for various benefits injured workers may require.

OHCC services are not meant to replace primary care and are focused on the work related illness. Patients are seen by appointment only. OHCC does not treat acute injuries or follow up routine acute injuries. OHCC staff do not provide management of chronic pain.


OHCC clinicians are also available for consultations on patients with suspected occupational disease. If you are seeing a patient and are managing his or her care, but have a question about issues such as causation, diagnostic testing, or a Workers' Compensation issue, our clinicians can be consulted by phone. We can also review exposure data and diagnostic test results.

To refer a patient or request a consultation call the OHCC office nearest you:

Syracuse 315-432-8899
Canton 315-714-2049
Binghamton 607-584-9990