Partnerships with Workers Centers

The Occupational Health Clinical Center has been able to serve many more workers due to its outreach activities through two community-based nonprofit workers centers in our service area: the Tompkins County Workers’ Center, and the Workers’ Center of Central New York.

Together, we have been able to engage workers in highly participatory trainings that support worker knowledge about their health and safety rights in the workplace.  These centers allow us to identify low-wage and immigrant workers who might not otherwise learn of their rights.  With their help, we also reach out to workers at high risk of job-related injury, illness or disease.

Workplace health and safety abuses sometimes go hand-in-hand with other forms of abuse: wage theft, misclassification (when employers label a worker as an independent contractor when the worker is actually an employee), failure to pay overtime, sexual harassment.  That's why both of these centers have hotlines.


In the Southern Tier, go to (The Tompkins County Workers’ Center, 115 E. Martin Luther King Jr. St./The Commons, Ithaca, NY  or call their hotline: (607) 269-0409.  Those who feel more comfortable speaking in Spanish may ask for Carlos.

In Central New York, go to (Workers’ Center of Central New York) or contact Coordinator Rebecca Fuentes, who is bilingual in English and Spanish at the hotline: (315) 218-5708.