May 8, 2019
April 26, 2019
Workers' Memorial Day 2019
April 26, 2019
New York State's Safe Patient Handling Law
January 30, 2019
Carbon Monoxide - Know the Hazards

 Information on preventing carbon monoxide poisoning

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October 15, 2018
Low Wage Workers' Health Project 2018
April 27, 2018
Workers' Memorial Day 2018
April 25, 2018
Protect Your Health and Safety at Work-Handbook
January 2, 2018
Working with Silica

Working with Silica?

Know abou the new "rules"?


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December 2, 2017
Workers' Voices/Workers' Stories
October 11, 2017
Stop the attacks on the Workers' Comp System

The New York Workers Compensation Board wants to drastically change its awards for permanent effects from job-related injuries. The Boards other proposed changes will make it harder to get fair compensation for work-related injuries, illnesses and diseases.

The Occupational Health Clinical Centers are very concerned about these and related proposals, explained on the enclosed/attached hand-out.

If they are approved, you may be affected. Your family, friends and co-workers also could be paid much less, or be forced to co-operate with an employers physician.

We wanted to let you know about these proposals. If you are concerned, you can have a say in several ways. The hand-out explains them. Comments are due by Monday, October 23.

Please let me know if you have questions.  


                                                                                    Michael B. Lax, MD, MPH
                                                                                    Medical Director

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April 28, 2017
Worker's Memorial Day 2017
January 18, 2017
THE LOW-WAGE WORKERS HEALTH PROJECT Mapping the Landscape of Low-Wage Work and Health in Syracuse
December 10, 2016
Stand all day at work?
FREE clinic for people who stand all day at work

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May 20, 2016
Silica: It's Not Just Dust
May 18, 2016
Workers' Memorial Day 2016 Highlights
April 29, 2016
A Day's Work Film Series

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April 29, 2016
Workers' Memorial Day 2016
Workers Memorial Day 2016

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December 18, 2015
Exploited Workers' Task Force

Workers who are exploited and abused on the job face much more than wage theft. Disrespect, health and safety hazards, and generally poor working conditions often go hand-in-hand with it. 

Ending these unjust practices must recognize and account for the tangled webs involved. Proposals for changes also need to use a gender lens, with an understanding of the low wage workforce, particularly precarious/contingent/temporary/agency work and racialized workers (workers of color).
That’s why we made a detailed submission to the governor’s 2015 task force and advisory committee about (super) exploited workers. You can find the full version here and a summary here. Our letter about the wide variety of organizations and individuals supporting the recommendations is here. 
Making the recommendations a reality will take on-going activities. To join those efforts, or add your name or group to the list of supporters (see the updated version here), please contact Dorothy Wigmore at wigmored@upstate.edu.


November 16, 2015
Exploited Workers Advisory Committee & Task Force

 It’s difficult to separate the different types of exploitation and abuse that workers face in the targeted 14 industries. Therefore, attempts to end these unjust practices must recognize and account for the tangled webs involved. Proposals for changes also need to use a gender lens, with an understanding of the racialization and nature of the low wage workforce, particularly precarious/contingent/temporary/agency work.

We know this from our experience at the Occupational Health Clinical Centers, and in the state-wide Network to which we belong. While a lot of attention has been paid to wage theft, our experiences -- and studies -- tell us that employers who cheat their employees in one way also are likely to cut corners when it comes to protecting workers’ health and safety, and more. It’s typically worse for racialized workers (i.e., workers of color) and women.
To join, please contact Dorothy Wigmore at wigmored@upstate.edu 

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September 24, 2015
Low-Wage Workers' Health Project Report 2015
September 22, 2015
It's Time to Act

 New York State’s low wage workers -- the super exploited -- need better wages and working conditions

In July, Governor Cuomo announced formation of a state-wide Task Force to “root out worker exploitation issues” across the state. It includes 10 government agencies. There also is an Advisory Committee of representatives from community groups, unions and employers. They are to make recommenda-tions by December, 2015 about improving life for workers in these jobs.


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May 28, 2015

 Recent news stories on health hazards in the personal care industry have brought attention to these problems and NYS Governor Cuomo and advocates across the country are planning action to address these issues.

For more information, click here.

April 24, 2015

Safe Jobs Save Lives 

Workers Memorial Day 2015

Sponsors Occupational Health Clinical Centers CNY Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO Greater Syracuse Labor Council, AFL-CIO Workers' Center of Central New York Tompkins County Workers' Center Greater Syracuse Council of Occupational Safety and Health Workforce Development Institute Worker Safety and Health Coalition of Central New York Injured Workers Bar Association Syracuse University Maxwell School Labor Studies Group Upstate New York Workers' Center Alliance Social Justice Committee of First Universalist Society of Central Square

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April 22, 2015
The Grasse River Players and The OHCC of the North Country present


In honor of Workers' Memorial Day, please join us for Workers' Memorial Theater Project, with four performances of These Shining Lives, by Melanie Marnich, put on by the Grasse River Players, a community theater group, and the Occupational Health Clinical Center of the North Country, in Canton.  

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April 22, 2015

Save the Date! April 22-25, 2015

7:30pm in Canton, NY

Workers’ Memorial Theater Project 2015
Putting Workers’ Health and Safety Front Stage
These Shining Lives, by Melanie Marnich
Directed by Karen Wells
Presented by
The Grasse River Players and
The Occupational Health Clinical Center 

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March 31, 2015

The primary mission of the Occupational Health Clinical Center serving the Southern Tier is to diagnose and treat work-related diseases. We also engage in activities which help us to understand the relationship between work and health in a changing occupational landscape. We’d like you to know about some new plans along those lines. 

We’d like to hear about your work related injury or illness experience 

We are forming a group of people who will meet monthly for about two hours to capture our stories and share them so that we can find ways to make things better in the future.

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October 22, 2014
Reporting Imminent Dangers

October 22, 2014, Occupational Health Clinical Centers will be offering a training session for awarness of work conditions that could result in serious injuries or even death.  

Call 315-432-8899 or email rectorp@upstate.edu to register.

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October 4, 2014
Nell Connor Dedication

October 4, 2014, Our Southern Tier office dedicated their conference room to the late Nell Connor who was honored for her 31 years of work at the Binghamton Clothing Company, whose heroic effors saved many of her co-workers from a fierce fire in the 4-story building, but cost her own life.

Click here for more from the event

September 30, 2014
2014 National COSH 2014 Health & Safety Awards

Wally Reardon winning the award for CNY Occupational Health Clinical Centers Health & Safety Activist Award and Tom Joyce received the COSH Legacy award.

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May 2, 2014
Kim Bobo Visits Syracuse

Kim Bobo, Executive Director of Interfaith Worker Justice, visited Syracuse for day-long planning session in the Workers' Center of Central New York.  OHCC works closely with the Workers' Center.

April 28, 2014
Low-Wage Workers' Health Project

On April 28, 2014 the Low-Wage Workers' Health Project, a collaboration based at the Occupational Health Clinical Center released a report: Low-Wage Work in Syracuse: Worker Health in the New Economy.

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April 25, 2014
Unity Breakfast

The Workers' Memorial Day commemoration in Syracse, attended by 144 people, included worker advocacy groups, community activists, union members, and elected officials.  The names of those who had died at or because of their jobs were included in the program.  The goal of the annual event is the prevention of future workplace fatalities.

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