Michael B. Lax, MD, MPH: Medical Director

Dr. Lax completed his undergraduate work in biology and history at Oberlin College in Ohio, received his M.D. from Ohio State University and a Masters in Public Health at the University of Illinois. A board-certified physician in occupational medicine, Dr. Lax is also a professor on the faculty of Upstate Medical University in the Department of Family Medicine, mentoring both medical students and students of public health. Widely published in his discipline, he serves on the editorial board of New Solutions: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy. He is one of only a few occupational health doctors in the state who speaks Spanish. He has been the Medical Director of the Occupational Health Clinical Centers since 1988.

Michael Lax's practice of medicine has always been expansively situated within the broader social justice movement for workers' rights and improved occupational health and safety. He commits substantial Clinic resources to reach migrant farmworkers and other vulnerable, underserved populations, seeking solutions for workers who have been violated by human trafficking, who are enduring deplorable work conditions, and who have been marginalized by low wages

Susan Greetham, MSN FNP

Susan Greetham has been on our staff since January 2009, Sue Greetham is a graduate of SUNY Upstate Medical University, Western Washington University and Jefferson Community College. Her nursing career has included positions in the critical care unit, organ transplant, family medicine, and employee and student health. Helping people develop strategies to realize improved mental and physical health is something that energizes her nursing practice. She is a nationally certified smoking cessation specialist.

Kerry Goessling, BSN, MSN,FNP-C

Kerry completed her first bachelor's degree in Health Sciences from Duquesne University. She was then accepted to join the Peace Corps and served as a volunteer for 27 months in Nicaragua as a Community Health Educator. After coming back to the United States, she returned to school to obtain another Bachelor's degree, this time in nursing, from the University at Buffalo. While working as a nurse in various specialties and various states throughout the country, she went on to complete her MSN in nursing education and then again for her degree as a Nurse Practitioner at SUNY Polytechnic Institute and SUNY Binghamton respectively. She is nationally certified as a Family Health Nurse Practitioner and also holds her certification in Emergency Nursing.  

Greg Siwinski, Industrial Hygienist

On our staff since 1991, Greg Siwinski is a graduate of Drexel University's M.S. program in occupational health and is board certified in the comprehensive practice of industrial hygiene. His approach to occupational health focuses on the patient/worker's contribution to the understanding of how one's work life impacts health.

Carla Wingate, LMSW

Carla Wingate graduated with her MSW from Syracuse University in 2013 and is currently a Licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW).  Carla brings knowledge and experience in various areas from her diverse work history which includes but is not limited to: counseling, service coordination, mental health diagnoses, intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Carla is rich in community resource knowledge and navigation to best help our patients.  Her approach to occupational health is getting a full understanding of her patients and providing them with the tools, skills, and resources needed for a better quality of life.  

Antoinette Longo, Clinic Administrator

Antoinette Longo has taken on progressively more responsible duties since she began with the clinic in 1990. In 2004, she was promoted to her current position of Clinic Administrator. Antoinette is known for her strong work ethic, organizational talent and laser-like attention to detail. The range of her administrative duties is broad and includes supervision of administrative staff, budgeting, planning, and reporting.

Jeanette M. Zoeckler, MPH, Director of Research and Special Projects

Jeanette develops and implements collaborative public health initiatives to expand the Clinic's research, education, and prevention agendas.  With an emphasis on vulnerable workers, her publication, grantwriting, and conducting community-based "needs assessments."  Working people inform these projects directly throug the sharing the details of work conditions.  Jeanette seeks comprehensive solutions for worker health, which include attention to workplace hazards, the broader social context and empowering workers to exercise their rights. Jeanette is a PhD candidate at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University.

Other Members of Our Team:

Central New York
Ana Manning, Administrative Assistant
Tina Krishock, Secretary
Joanne Okesson, Medical Office Assistant